Sensi-Care® Clear Zinc Sensi-Care® Clear Zinc Sensi-Care® Clear Zinc
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Sensi-Care® Clear Zinc

Sensi-Care® Clear Zinc diaper rash skin protectant goes on clear to allow for a visual inspection of the skin.
- 5% dimethicone provides a protective barrier that repels moisture.
- 5% zinc oxide protects irritated skin associated with diaper rash conditions.
- Hypoallergenic
- CHG compatible*
- For all ages**

* Data on file
** For infants/neonates, please use under medical supervision

59ml (2oz)
24 per case
148ml (5oz)
12 per case

Sensi-care Clear Zinc.

Diaper Rash Skin Protectant

Helps protect compromised skin with the power of Zinc Oxide – known for its mild antibacterial activity and skin-soothing properties. Helps care for vulnerable skin with 5% Dimethicone – repels water to help keep skin dry.

Goes on clear – allows for visual inspection of the skin and offers a cosmetic advantage for patients.

Easy-to-spread formula – creates minimal friction during application and forms a thin film helping to protect skin.

Dermatologist tested and safe for all your patients – CHG compatible, hypoallergenic, fragrance and dye free.

Please see directions for use

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